Link error:illegal reference to symbol: _SSL_connect in indirectly referenced dynamic library /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.dylib

How to get around this ? What's the framework to include in my project ?
The point is there is no framework to include but a line to add to your linker options of the target:
Of course
libssl should also be installed on the Mac running the application. It's part of one of the Security Update from Apple.
A similar message often comes from the
_BIO_free symbol; in this case add -lcrypto to your linker options.
NB - Panther note
Panther includes a new version of
libssl. If you want to be sure your application runs on both Panther and Jaguar, and you are developing on Panther, you must install the pre-Panther SDKs shipping with Xcode and you must built your project by linking against the 10.2.7 version of the SDK.