How to access web site requiring a specific browser or a Windows computer from my Mac ?

I need to access a professional (private) web site that refuses to load with Safari because it pretends I don't have a PC with Internet Explorer... Is there a way to bypass this limitation ?

How to make /opt and /sw invisibles ?

After installed DarwinPorts and Fink, new folders appear at the root level (/opt and /sw).
How do I make them invisibles like /etc ?

How to set-up a PackageMaker project to install in $HOME ?

If you need to make a .pkg with the installation to begin at the user's home directory.
How do you set-up things in PackageMaker ?

How to force linking against a static library when the dynamic version exists in default search path ?

If you want to link against a static version of a library that already exists on the Mac in a standard search path like /usr/lib but in shared version (like libxml2.dylib) ?

Fixing the corrupted Java installation after upgrading to 10.3.9

10.3.9 upgrade seems to corrupt the Java installation, symptoms are segmentation fault when invoking java tools from the command line, crash of InterfaceBuilder if EOF palette is installed (WebObject developer), etc.

Asian characters appearing in strings of my application

Some Asian characters appear recently in some strings in the user interface of my program. Where do they come from ?