How to install Cocoon 2.1.x with Tomcat 4.1.x on Mac OS X ?

Does somebody have some insight on how to install Cocoon on Panther ?

ant 1.6.1. For example in /usr/local/ant or /Developer/Java/J2EE/ant-1.6.1 and changed the Ant link to point on the latest version;
2. you are in and have code>cd to the expanded
cocoon directory, you should build Cocoon it using the war option;
sudo cp build/cocoon.war /usr/local/tomcat/webapps;
You may have to remove some potentially conflicting jar's from your
/Library/Java/Extensions:xalan-xxx.jar, avalon-YYY.jar;
sudo cp lib/endorsed/*.jar /usr/local/tomcat/common/endorsed/;
4. make sure they are no conflicting
xerces and/or xalan jar files in /usr/local/tomcat/lib;
5. edit the shell script you are using to launch
tomcat to include the following line:
export CATALINA_OPTS=-Djava.awt.headless=true
6. stop tomcat if already running and relaunch it (it will take time to expand the
cocoon.war, be patient...)
7. you should be able to see the Cocoon welcome page using
Once you have downloaded Cocoon, you should:
1. Install