Configuring Xcode for gcc 3.3.2?

I need to compile a binary with the latest version of gcc 3.3.2 to get rid of specific compiler errors but Xcode only provides gcc 3.3.1. Now, I have downloaded and installed gcc 3.3.2 successfully but it hasn't overwritten the gcc 3.3.1 installation as the files are in a different path.


Use XCode for cross platform development

I want to use the XCode for cross platform development.
I.e. I want to compile m68k based targets using a cross compiler.
For now I got a Makefile based solution but I'd like to use "native" target to accomplish the same task.
Any idea how I could do this?

Can I use a Mach-O plugin with a CFM app?

I have been trying to build some CFM plugins for Maya, but before the latest version (v6), it was a CFM app. This means that the plugins it supports are CFM and the only way to make those is with Codewarrior as Xcode doesn't support CFM plugins.