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 Sunday, March 24 2019 @ 10:03 AM UTC
Files available for download

Files available for download

Datavision Wrapper (Cocoa + Java)
Example how to drag NSView (Cocoa)
Flood fill example on NSBitmapRep (Cocoa)
Random number generation (Cocoa)
Example how to use the Java bridge (Cocoa)
A tool to export and import your rules
Clean permissions daemon (useful for people using drop folders with applications like Acrobat, Pitstop, etc.)
Example class wrapping dbm library (Cocoa)
Example how to do hue rotation on an image (Cocoa)
Patch to compile libsigsegv on Mac OS X Panther
FileMaker 7 plug-in to access PostgreSQL backend
All man pages of Mac OS X in PDF format (the /bin/sh script to generate them on your machine)
How to embed a PostgreSQL server in your application
XSLT to transform a plist into a HTLM file
XSLT to transform a plist into a PDF file
Tool to check if a file name has an extension compatible with its content and its executable bit, thus allowing a "save" open.
Tool to convert any file content into a char buffer declaration for later use in a C (C++, Obj-C, …).
Universal version of the CURLHandle framework (to be installed in @executable_path/../Frameworks).
Universal version of the CURLHandle framework (modified sources based on v1.9).
Command line tool to change screen resolution (./CScreen without args to get usage information).

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