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 Welcome to MacOSX Guru Site
 Sunday, March 24 2019 @ 10:07 AM UTC

Yes, we too want a New MacPro

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ANNIf you have a FB account don't hesitate: "sign" the petition!
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Web Protégé - collaborative ontology editing

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ANNWebProtégé alpha release, first version of ontology web editor/
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haXe for iPhone

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ANN"A quest to unify web games and stand alone development…"
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Check our "Files to download" page…

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ANNOur download pages has been updated with new links to
- a fixed version of CURLHandle framework (support for files upload in POST, NSData with null bytes in POST, correct curl feedback during upload/download with support of multiple connections) (binary and source) ;
- a command line tool (CScreen) to change display settings from shell scripts or Terminal.
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Mac OS X "__MACOSX" ZIP Archive Shell Script Execution

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ANNA new alert has emerged regarding the possible security hole using social engineering and automatic opening of file by Safari to execute undesirable code on your Mac… read more here
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TeraScoop 4TB array for the G5

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ANN Last monday the day after Christmas Digital Virgin Inc. released our newest year long project the TeraScoop. The TeraScoop is available in drive sizes upto 4 terabyte and speeds upto 540MBS. Digital Virgin created the TeraScoop because even though Dave has a pair of 500GB Hard drives in his G5 he found himself having to purge before each new project. If you need the speed and capacity come check out the TeraScoop at Digital Virgin Inc.
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Apple switch to Intel - our comment

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ANNSo a few days after the anouncement, what do we think as developers and as Mac users ?
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The Uptime Project releases it's new WebGUI

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ANNThe Uptime Project is proud to announce the second release of it's webgui. The new gui contains many new functions and provides much more statistics and information from the collected data.

The Uptime Project aims to collect interesting data and statistics about computer usage from all over the world, and related to the operatingsystem used.

The client software for the project is availible for MacOS as a binary package, as sourcecode and via DarwinPorts.

Please join the project and help us provide even better statistics and information!

Visit the project at:

Some of the major news are:
* Lots new toplists
* Viewer for collected statistics
* A Hall Of Fame
* Support for Reboot Comments
* Function to report bogus hosts
* An interactive F.A.Q
* An invitation function
* Improved details about each host
* Function to send messages to other users
* Improved documentation and information

* And many other improvements and bugfixes...

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