Is there any alternatives to Apple's crash reporter ?

Sunday, March 25 2007 @ 09:54 AM BST

Contributed by: Admin

Not being able to send the crash report directlty to the developer, no way to add specific information…
they are a number of limitation with Apple's solution…
Any other solutions ?

Smart crash report (see presentation)
Uli M. Klusterer's solution (see here)
Claus Broch's one ILCrashReporter
Martin Redigton one's (see here)
The Open Source project Adium has also its own technology (see Adium project's home page)

And of course, we can't resist, ours is here...

Smart crash reports requires free registration to get the crash report to be sent to you...
Uli's one sends the crash report on "next launch"… (may be never of course…)
Martin Redigton's one has a lot of parameters to play with:

Ours is as powerfull as Martin Redigton's one, but requires a little bit more work from you: you have to (as an option) supply code inside your application to be debugged and a tool to add your own information and to do the actual reporting.
The counterpart of this small work (examples supplied) is of course a greater freedom regarding the content of the generated information and how and when to deliver it.
Two versions are supplied, one's installs as a daemon inside your application bundle and the other one is a static library to be linked into your application.

Interesting link regarding exception handlers: Mach Exception Handlers 101